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About The Scholarship

Calvary University offers a variety of scholarships to new and returning students. To qualify for scholarships, new and transfer students must first apply and be accepted for admission. All scholarships require that a student be degree-seeking and enrolled full-time (at least 12 hours for undergraduate students). Students must reapply for all scholarships each academic year in order to be considered for re-award (unless otherwise stated). Paperwork for scholarships requiring verification or additional information must be submitted and approved prior to class registration for scholarships or discounts to be applied to the student’s bill. Specific requirements for available scholarships can be reviewed below.

Scholarships funded by Calvary are awarded to cover tuition and fees at Calvary University only. Although most scholarships are stack-able, as some scholarships are considerably more than others, you may not be able to stack certain scholarships.Student payments including outside scholarships, Pell Grant, Student Loans, and all other sources of payments on a student account are applied to a student’s billing charges first; then Calvary-funded scholarships are applied to any remaining balance.

Any resulting credit balance is left on the student’s account, and can be used in future semesters. Calvary does not pay out credit balances created by Calvary-funded scholarships to students. If the student ceases attending Calvary, any remaining credit balance resulting from Calvary-funded scholarships will result in a reduction of previously awarded scholarships to zero out the student’s balance.

Not all who apply for a scholarship and are otherwise eligible may receive the scholarship(s). Please note that all figures and factors are taken into consideration in the award of student scholarships, including on-campus or off-campus residence.Decisions on scholarships are made by the Student Aid Committee, whose deliberations and decisions are not public information. Applicants will be notified of their award status by the Enrollment Management Support Office. 

Application Deadline

Application deadlines are 1st November for students entering in the fall semester and December 1 for new and transfer students entering in the spring semester. All new and renewal applicants must complete the FAFSA before scholarships are awarded each year.

Carefully read the requirements for each scholarship BEFORE you submit your application. Submit all required documentation including any required essays.

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